Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why General Colin Powell Should Be The Secretary of State Again

I know the first thing you are thinking is oh boy, why should we do this again? This is just a chance for Powell to redeem his good name. I know Colin Powell is a Republican, but he has always been an American soldier first. Few people in the public arena have the credibility and distinctions that Powell has. Like most people, I cringed in February 2003 when Powell held a vial before the UN security council and declared that is a fact that Iraq has WMDs. A lot of people note that Colin Powell was one of the only people that could have stopped this war, I am disappointed that he did not do more at the time either. But the truth is that past the revisionist history, Powell was only the Secretary of State, he was not the president and the president could have easily replaced him or went ahead anyways. My final comment on the Iraq war and Powell - in retrospect, I believe he should have resigned his post with dignity and in defiance against the war.

Now to January 20, 2009, if the new president is Senator Barack Obama, then I believe the best Secretary of State at this moment on our history is someone with the gravitas, experience and credibility to represent America in the world again in a way that restores our respect - the kind of respect we used to enjoy before George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, the Neocons and Iraq.

Watching Colin Powell on NBC's Meet The Press this morning, it is easy to see why Powell would be an excellent choice. A while back I predicted that Obama should pick Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, when I made that prediction, I was thinking of Joe Biden as a potential Sec. of State. The Obama camp has shown it makes its decisions carefully and methodically. I am sure they will make great cabinet appointments if they win, but this morning listening to Powell speak, you can forgive me for dreaming of Colin Powell as Secretary of State, again!

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