Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Would McCain Pick Palin?

The obvious answer is that he wants to get the disaffected female voters that supported Hillary Clinton and independents. But for the love of me, I can't understand why a 72 year old will pick someone who has only been Governor only two years in a state called Alaska (no offense taken Alaska). If he really wanted to pick a woman, he should have gone with someone who has more experience than Obama you would think.

For months now, the McCain campaign has been arguing that Sen. Obama who has travelled the world, is in the Senate Foreign Committee, has been Senator for almost four years, was a State Senator for ten years, is not ready to be president. To be honest, it was their greatest argument. How can they make that argument now with Palin as the VP nod? I think this was a political miscalculation by Johm McCain. He should have picked Mitt Romney.

Romney - Could have easily won the state of Michigan where is Dad had been a popular Governor. He could have brought a lot of experience on the economy, although some of that would have been fodder for the Democrats. Romney would have been a better and more effective  attack-dog for John McCain. Pawlenty and Rob Portman could also have been better picks.

My gut feeling tells me a lot of conservatives are wondering WTF did McCain just do. Eventually, they will come around and support her and highlight her positives, but I dont see how they can be excited that McCain who will be the oldest president ever elected to a first term would pick someone with such little national and foreign policy experience. I bet you the Obama campaign after the euphoric night yesterday is breathing a huge sigh of relief!

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