Thursday, August 28, 2008

The View from Invesco Field:A Prelude to Obama's Big Day.

Yeah right, I wish I were there! The only view am getting is that from CNN.

The journalists, pundits are still talking, analyzing and every now and then breaking into a dance routine that makes it look like I actually took dance classes. All day, the media has noted that today is the 45th year anniversary when Martin Luther King Jr. gave what has been one of the most moving and inspiring speeches ever. I am a little nervous that Obama may not meet the high expectations set for him. If I were his campaign staffers, I would have spent all week downplaying the expectations. Anyways, it is still going to be a great night. More than 80,000 people are expected to show up to witness history in the making. (Sheryl Crow is performing...why do I know some of her songs? Darn car radio and bad traffic!) Everyone looks excited to be there. Now the media is not talking so much about the so-called Obama vs Clinton supporters rift, the new story-line today is can Barack Obama match Martin Luther King, Jr? My answer is no, no one can, Barack Obama should focus on what he needs to do. Obama is trying to win an election, Martin Luther King was trying to make sure one day Barack Obama the son of a Kenyan father and Kansas mother could have the audacity to one day stand before a crowd of 80,000 and seek the highest office in America. Obama can only build on MLK's legacy and dream, he cannot match it!

Somewhere George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, etc. are looking down and smiling (I wonder what they are saying? Probably wondering why there are so many funny looking hats? No, of course I know they are proud of America too but you can't help noticing those funny looking hats!)

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