Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking Back At The Elections: The Best of Saturday Night Live!

SNL in recent years hasnt lived up to its fame of the past. In fact some Saturday nights, you could get more laughs out of FOX's MAD TV than SNL, but it redeemed itself this year with the election satire starting with Obama and Clinton in the Democratic primaries. I think it is safe to say this has been one of the best seasons of Saturday Night Live. Some would argue that most of the jokes were at the expense of McCain and Palin, but that was only because they gave the cast so much to work with. On a side note, I wonder if comedians will have that much to work with in an Obama adminstration? The guy doesn't give you mcuh to poke fun at. Anyways, here are the top skits from SNL political season. Enjoy!

1. President Bush Endorses McCain
Probably one of the best skits, basically captures the difficulty John McCain had in shaking off the Bush legacy. From the poll results, it seems a lot of voters were thinking of George Bush at the polls when they voted against McCain

2. Amy Poehler Rap (Shoot a Moose!)
Just plain funniest skit ever, especially the part when the moose gets shot!

3. Crazy McCain Lady
This will live to be one of the season's classic!

4. Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton Open
This is the skit that introduced Sarah Palin, sorry I mean Tina Fey to the world!

5. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin (Fey) address the Nation on QVC
A preview to the tension between McCain and Palin that would spill over even before the election was over.

6. Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin go head to head in the VP Debate
Queen Latifa nailed an impressive Gwen Ifil impersonation. If you watched the debate, you ll love this spoof!

7. Sen. McCain approves truth-enhanced negative campaign messages
SNL's sharp eyes let nothing pass them this election season, I respect John McCain but some of his ads left me wondering how he could have approved them with a straight face.

8. Gov. Palin and Katie Couric get real and adorable
This is the interview that did in Gov. Sarah Palin, still don't know why the campaign let her do this without adequate preparation. On this one, am not sure which one is funnier, the real interview or this spoof? We might never know. we might never know! "Katie, I'd like to use a life line!"

9. Obama and McCain debate the issues; Featuring Bill Murray and Chris Parnell
Why did McCain keep walking around the stage?!

10. Democratic debate: Obama and Hillary face off in Austin, TX
The press and Obama girl are totally in the tank for Obama. "Senator Clinton, if you ever interrupt Obama girl again, I will personally escort you from this building, do I make my self clear?!

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