Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crybaby Republicans!

So if you have been living in a cave with the Geico guys the past few days, let me update you with a quick Washington News. The House voted yesterday in a surprise in a against the bailout plan to help Wall Street. Main Street is still fuming and hoping someone would bail them out of their credit card debts and all. So, I guess the voters called in to voice their frustration and most of the House Republicans that McCain had personally whipped into shape balked and voted against it.

But that is understandable, what doesn't make sense is their excuse for voting against it. Republicans claim that they were all going to vote for it then the big mean Speaker Nancy Pelosi got up there and gave a fiery speech chastising President Bush and his Republicans friends for the mess in Wall Street. This apparently hurt the Republicans' feelings so they voted against it. Talk about not putting on their American hats eh?!

There are plans to vote again this week, but this time Speaker Pelosi has promised she will bring in a shrink to talk to all the Republicans and convince them their vote is for America not their party plus she ll personally hug all of them and tell them "Oh yes you are a good Republican! Who s a good Republican, yes you are, yes you are agugugagah!" P.S. There will also be jazz music playing in the background as the votes are counted.

Seriously? Are you kidding me? How many times have we seen Republicans decry Democrats and how they are ruining America before they have to vote on a bill. If Democrats refused to vote each time they were criticized by the likes of Tom Delay, I guess we would not have gotten anything done the last two decades. In fact there is a cable Television Fox News whose sole purpose is to deride and criticize Democrats, you don't see them crying and running back to their mamas!

For a party that claims to be so macho, this is a new low when Speaker Pelosi with just a speech can send them scurrying into a corner crying!

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